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FD Financial, Inc. has Equity Investors

Up to $400,000 for new and established companies

FD Financial, Inc. has the experience and investors needed to get the job done.

FD Financial, Inc. and its investors are prepared to invest in a private company who has the “right stuff”. We seek private companies with a strong possibility of future success in the public realm.  The private company must be established, have a minimum history of six months (no revenue is required).  Our criterion includes a good management team, strong growth, and an excellent product or idea for future revenue.


We require the following for our review:

1) Business plan executive summary (approximately 1-5 pages)
2) Two years to-date financial statements with cash flow
3) Key management list with history
4) Investment capital required
5) Use of capital


On our review of these documents, we will consult with you or your authorized representative to determine your company’s acceptability as a candidate for becoming a United States publicly traded company.

FD Financial, Inc. has available custom shells as well as fully trading shells.


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